Latest News

April 2021 - Hello to you all. The beautiful show of snowdrops has gone and the daffodils are beginning to fade...but blossom on the flowering cherry is showing good colour.  The churchyard is a picture but remains encouraging to wildlife.

Shortly you will see scaffold around the church, as repair work for storm damage, has been agreed and we await commencement.  Due to covid restrictions we remain closed with services held within the team via zoom but we eagerly look forward to reopening. However, challenges we face, in what may become the new "normal", must be met.  We cannot live in the past we must accept change, to enable The Church and our Faith to survive, grow and move forward. 

HRH the late Duke of Edinburgh, was a great example to accepting change, taking responsibility and for pure devotion to his Queen, Country and Faith.  We offer our condolences to his family at this sad time and give thanks for his life.  

Snowdrops - Hello everyone, what a difference a week makes with our variant weather.  Last week green shoots appeared in the churchyard, today we have the start of what should be a very good display of snowdrops as their little white heads push through their sword like leaves. Give them a glance as you drive by and note how they spread like snow drifts, over the come weeks.  A sign of new life and hope as we remember all across the NHS and scientists for their courage and commitment in fighting the virus. 


2021 - Not the start to which everyone was hoping as we are in lockdown but do stay positive.  Our PCC has decided unanimously to close the church until it is safer to mix in public, to protect everyone. If we all play our part in protecting each other hopefully that time will come sooner.  PCC members have discussed possible events, which we can do, in preparation for when the government gives the go ahead for communities to come together again.  It may not be until the summer but it gives us positive thoughts and that is what is needed.  Keep safe. 


December 31st the last day of 2020, a year of change, for us, our country and the world.  2021- hopefully the newly developed vaccines, will have a good effect in fighting the covid virus, enabling our country to move forward with a positive attitude. Let us all play our part in securing a future, full of hope, time for revaluation and making sure that the love, commitment and friendships forged throughout the year will is not be lost or forgotten once our lives become "normal" again.  In 2020 St Thomas'  missed out on all the occasions it is known for, in bringing people together.  Afternoon Teas, Suppers, Games afternoons, Bazaar, Concerts....We missed you all very much. This Christmas, a Christmas tree planted about 4 years ago just inside the churchyard gate, became a live memorial for anyone wishing to remember a loved one, by placing a bauble on its branches.  Thank you to the many who did, with reflecting, colourful images which now dance in the wind, reminding us of those we no longer see.

Wishing you all a very happy and healthy 2021. keep safe, keep positive......and look forward to when we can meet again. God Bless.


December - It's good to be having services in church again even with restrictions in place. Major event such as our Carol service will not be taking place and will be missed very much, having received many comments from those who have attended in the past.  However, it gives everyone something to look forward to next year, when hopefully all will be well in the world again.  In the meantime St. Thomas church members wish you all a peaceful Christmas.


November - Due to restrictions with Covid-19 we are unable to hold services in our church until further notice but zoom services will be held within the team.  Keep safe.


October - draws in as we change the clocks this weekend following a very busy month, with work in the churchyard showing positive results. It may be a time to rest but there is a need to keep on top of what has been done.  The green grass now forms a restful backdrop to the meandering gravestones of ancient times, giving us inspiration and enthusiasm to continue our work.  Winter may not be a time for rest after all. 

Our services, will continue to be held in church with all necessary precautions in place.  Our Annual General Meeting took place at the end of September and we look forward to serving our church and community with great enthusiasm and are thankful for the new friendships built up during this unusual time.  Christmas will soon be here, it will happen, and it will bear all the hall marks of the real meaning of Christmas. 


Harvest Festival was held on the 3rd October at 11.00.  Gifts of bottled, tinned and boxed items were received as well as money donations all of which was forwarded to the local food bank in Whittlesey to be distributed to local needs.

September - ends and Autumn is here as the weather changes and nights pull in.  Services have been held in all of our churches with distancing restrictions working.  Progress in St Thomas churchyard continues with lots of hard work by the PCC and village residents.  Work will soon start on repairs to the church roof, damaged in gales late winter. Unfortunately due to covid 19, it has taken longer to arrange the necessary visits from all concerned.

August - The middle of August and the year moves on, so much has happened in the world and we too are in an interregnum with Rev. Nigel's last service taken place 26th July.  However, we have now returned to services in church but many joined the visual services provided within the team over the past months. Services have social distancing restrictions/hand sanitizer and sign in and you are welcome to join us.  It is now a very important time for reflection, to move on and be positive about the future of our faith and buildings.  It is a time to build on what we have.

Unable to cut the grass in the church yard during lock down, with the help of community members, we are getting on top of the over growth and giving it a peaceful country side feel which we hope to develop with mown paths leading through meadow grass. The hedge has been cut, trees trimmed. There is still a lot of work to do and has been held up with the wet weather.  The notice board has also been refurbished and re-erected by a parishioner for which we are very grateful. A beautiful new bench is situated inside the churchyard, beneath the lamp post, donated in remembrance of those who fought in the war.  People are using it, reflecting and giving positive feed back on the peacefulness of our church yard. 

April - It is now the last day of April and what wonderful weather we have had this month to help us cope with the lockdown.  In our village we are fortunate to be able to be in our gardens yet stay distanced.  Our thoughts are will those who live in cities, high rise buildings and cannot do this. We remember too, all whose lives are on hold, they or loved ones having contracted the virus.  We are grateful for the NHS and everyone who has pulled together in helping to deal with the situation.  That appreciation is shown by the weekly hand clapping which takes place in our village.   Friendships are made, may the world be healed  and the caring continue.  


March - What a welcome we have had to 2020 with the onset of the coronavirus and in light of instructions from the government and our Bishop all activities at St Thomas's church have ceased until further notice.  However our prayers for you, each other, the world and its people will continue.